Some great free software that I use (or have used) and recommend can be found here. I will only list it here if I really use it and it's really worth a download. I use nearly all freeware and open source software, except most of my video games of course. You can also expect this list to not contain any software which will install adware, malware, spyware, or any other ware without your permission. :)

I am very diligent about making sure I don't install software on my machines that may contain additional software packages that are not needed by the software.

I fully support Open Source software and I prefer to use it instead of Freeware and especially Shareware. I usually stay clear of shareware except in rare cases where the software is actually not too limited and does what I need. I use ClamAV for scanning downloaded files. You should be able to trust this list to be free from viruses, but you should always use your own judgement when downloading and installing software from anywhere.

If you happen to find a mistake in this list, or you find some software listed here that does have some sort of spyware, malware, or adware; please let me know on the contact page.

You may click on the words in each column except for Name and URLs to filter the software list. Click 'Clear Filters' to clear all the filters you applied.

I have much more software available in my bookmarks. Just search software in tags, or go to the tag cloud. Maybe at some point in the future I will try to automatically import software by tag from those bookmarks to this page. That would make adding them much easier for me and also keep the list updated with any new software I find.

Platform Legend:
WIN=Windows | LIN=Linux | AND=Android | WEB=Website

License Explanations:
Open Source: This software is free and open source.
Freeware: This software is completely free to use, usually only for personal use. May have a paid version.
Free: This software is completely free.

Free Software

Name Type Platform License URLs
Name Type Platform License URLs
AnVir Task Manager Free System Maintenance WIN Freeware Website
CamStudio Screen Capture WIN Open Source Website
Console Terminal Emulator WIN Open Source Website
ConEmu Terminal Emulator WIN Open Source Website
Guake Terminal Emulator LIN Open Source Website
DOSShell GUI Frontend WIN Freeware Website
EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition Disk Management WIN Freeware Website
ExactFile File Utility WIN Freeware Website
FileHippo Update Checker Update Manager WIN Freeware Website
foobar2000 Multimedia WIN Freeware Website
FreeMeter Bandwidth Meter WIN Freeware Website
Free Registry Defrag System Maintenance WIN Freeware Website
FurMark Benchmark WIN Freeware Website
GameSave Manager Utility WIN Freeware Website
GOM Player Multimedia WIN Freeware Website
HD Tach Benchmark WIN Shareware Download
HD Tune (Not Pro) Benchmark WIN Freeware Website
Heaven Benchmark Benchmark WIN,LIN Freeware Website
HijackThis System Maintenance WIN Open Source Website
ImageMagick Image Utility WIN,LIN Open Source Website
Kompozer WYSIWYG Web Editor WIN,LIN Open Source Website
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware System Maintenance WIN Freeware Website
Oracle VirtualBox Virtual Machine WIN,LIN Open Source Website
Paint.NET Image Editor WIN Freeware Website
PhysX FluidMark Benchmark WIN Freeware Website
R4 Vis Audio Visualizer WIN Freeware Website
RivaTuner VGA Tool / System Monitor WIN Freeware Website
ShareX Screen Capture WIN Open Source Website
Smart Defrag System Maintenance WIN Freeware Website
SpeedFan System Monitor WIN Freeware Website
Spybot - Search & Destroy System Maintenance WIN Freeware Website
TeamViewer Remote Support WIN,LIN Freeware Website
VLC Media Player Multimedia WIN,LIN Open Source Website
XVI32 Hex Editor WIN Freeware Website
ProtonMail E-Mail Provider WEB Free Website
DuckDuckGo.com Search Engine WEB Free Website
Brave Web Browser WIN,LIN,AND Free Website
MEGA Encrypted Cloud File Storage WIN,LIN,AND Free Website
KDE Plasma Linux Desktop Environment LIN Open Source Website