About Me
I'm a geek.

More about me.

  • TDSM Tester and Forum Moderator
  • Darkout Beta Tester, Wiki contributor, and Forum Moderator
  • Teslagrad Alpha/Beta Tester.
  • I have a GitHub.
  • I have used several programming, scripting, and web languages with varying degrees of fluency. Like; AutoHotkey, Bash Scripting (linux), Batch scripting (dos/windows), FreeBASIC, Lua, Powershell, VBS, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • I run my own personal dedicated server (headless) from home.
  • I run game servers from time to time from this machine.

I enjoy...

  • Pretty much all technology.
  • Electronics (repair, modification, building, tinkering)
  • Computers
  • Alpha/Beta testing software.
  • Participating in open source, free, and indie game software projects helping development in some way or contributing to the community wiki.
  • Video games.